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Poem of the Moment


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Spring Thaw

For Temia

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It’s April now
and the geese are calling in two’s
across the frozen lake
following each other into this year’s new constellation of family.

The ice below them loosens, cracks gently
while back in the fields blackbirds hop and flap in blankets of yellow sun
their beaks full of grass and old twigs.

Ram Dass says, we are all just walking each other home
and I think of the soft fire in your mother’s eyes when she held you.
I’ve studied the photographs, watched carefully
how everyone shines when they say your name,
your brightness rippling through them.

We didn’t know that your home here would be so brief.
We couldn’t guess that you would have to leave so quickly.

But time changes everything
and you have found a home
our eyes can’t see
far past the lakes and blackbirds.

A new season reaches down, touches us each on the forehead.
Your parents smile through tears, tell stories of gratitude
realign themselves
into this new family shape.

Way out on the lake
the sun nudges the ice into light.

And you
dear one
are everywhere.


~ Chris Kay Fraser


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